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19 August 2010 D Day!
I have just spoken to Vanessa du Toit who was very calm (as always!) and apparently all went smoothly with check in & emigration. Everyone is in high spirits and I know from personal experience that they will be treated to excellent service on board the new A380 to Paris. A truly wonderful experience awaits your children and I will update the website as soon as I hear from the chaperones in Rome…
Written by: Jenny Peddle


20 August 2010 Safe arrival!
10.00am ~ I have just received a text message confirming that they have safely arrived in Rome! Although a little weary, all are in high spirits and excited to explore this magnificent city... 10.00pm ~ another note from Vanesssa: "We are now officially exhausted and everyone is in bed! St Peter's and the Vatican City took our breath away, but the Sistene Chapel actually silenced us...! The children are learning the importance of punctuality & developing listening skills, but all are extremely happy and full of enthisiasm & good cheer!"
Written by: Jenny Peddle


21 August 2010 Magnificent Rome!
What a wonderful day they had today! After a good night's sleep and a substantial breakfast, the group met with their local specialized guide and made their way to the mighty Colosseum, which is considered to be the greatest symbol of Ancient Rome. Their breath was once again taken away when they visited the Forum Romanum, with its many temples, basilicas and triumphal arches. After a visit to the Pantheon they had some time to relax (much needed in the 34 degree heat) and they have just visited the Piazza di Spagna, with its famous Spanish Steps and are now at the Trevi Fountain, where all are ensuring their safe return to the ‘Eternal City’ by tossing in coins! A reminder that the group is staying at the 4* Archimede Hotel (Tel: 00 39 06 444 0033) and that they depart for Florence tomorrow morning....
Written by: Jenny Peddle


22 August 2010 En route to Florence!
Arrivederci Roma as the group departed for Florence today. En route they visited Pisa and all were in awe of the the beautiful cathedral and the famous Leaning Tower ~ the many photos will attest to this! After dinner they travelled to the Piazzale Michelangelo, from where they had a panoramic view over this Jewel of the Renaissance. A reminder of the hotel details: 3* Leonardo da Vinci Tel: 00 39 055 357 751.
Written by: Jenny Peddle


23 August 2010 A wonderful day in Florence!
22h00 - I have just received a joyful text message from Vanessa: "We have had such a fabulous day in Florence! It is an amazing city, filled with surprises around every corner ~ the buildings are especially beautiful and there is SO much history here! The children are really great and it's very special to be with them ~ they are making new friends and all are getting along exceptionally well! A LOT of shopping was done today and there are so many treats in store for those back home!"
Written by: Jenny Peddle


24 August 2010 Welcome to Venice!
After breakfast this morning, everyone hopped on board the luxury coach and all enjoyed their journey to the fascinating floating city of Venice ~ in spite of the heat, spirits remain high! After having settled into their 3* hotel (Hotel Universo & Nord ~ Tel: 00 39 041 715 233) everyone enjoyed some informal exploring, before experiencing a romantic gondola ride through the canals! John, the group Escort, apparently has an amazing wealth of knowledge and adds real value to the tour!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


25 August 2010 Incredible Venice!
I have not heard from the group today, but feel sure that they are all simply too busy enjoying their time in Venice! I will update the site in the morning, when hopefully I have some news.... 09h00 Thursday am: I have just received this text message, confirming my thoughts! Vanessa writes: We had such a lovely, 'chilled' day and our guided walking tour was really interesting ~ the Doge's Palace & the Basilica were amazing and the glass-blowing factory on the Laguna Islands was fascinating. Venice has a groove all of its own, but not sure a life on the water is quite for us! Everyone is happy and we are all having such a fab time!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


26 August 2010 Welcome to Vienna!
Although they had a long coach trip today, spirits remained high and they enjoyed relaxing, chatting and writing up their journals. The scenery en route was spectacular and all were delighted to arrive in Vienna, where they were overwhelmed by a real sense of grandeur which permeates this city. A reminder that the group is staying at the 3* Austria Trend Hotel Ananas and should you wish to telephone (00 43 1 546 20), then please note that they are booked as a CASTERBRIDGE group.
Written by: Jenny Peddle


27 August 2010 A wonderful day in Vienna!
What a wonderful day the group had in the company of a specialist guide! They visited some of Vienna’s most splendid sights and a highlight for many was the grandiose Hofburg Palace, with its amazing history of the Hapsburg family. Vanessa Toit mentions in her text message that they are off to a fun-fair this evening and apparently everyone is very excited at this prospect....!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


28 August 2010 Onward to Prague...
22h00 The group travelled to Prague today, but I have not yet received any 'hot off the press news'... A reminder that they are staying at the 4* Jurys Inn Prague (Tel: 00 4 20 22 62 22 600) and booked under the name of Casterbridge.
Written by: Jenny Peddle


29 August 2010 Everyone loves Prague!
I have just received a text message from John, the Casterbridge Tour Escort, who informs me that there is very poor cell phone signal in the Czech Republic. He says to rest assured that all are very happy and that everyone has loved Prague ~ perhaps their favourite city! Mon am .... this update has just come through from Vanessa: " We all just love Prague - it is really beautiful and our walking tour was so very interesting, especially the castle! The shopping is great and everything is so much cheaper ~ their luggage is at least 5kgs heavier ... we are having a wonderful time!"
Written by: Jenny Peddle


30 August 2010 Willkommen in Berlin!
A fond farewell to Prague this morning as the group headed off for their final destination, Berlin, the capital of re-unified Germany. After freshening up in their centrally situated and very comfortable hotel, they visited the memorial museum of 56–58 Grossen Wannsee, where in 1942 the 'Final Solution’ to the Jewish Question was discussed. Apparently the local guide was so impressed by all the intelligent questions posed by our very interested CHC group! A reminder that they are staying at the Mark Hotel and the telephone number is 00 49 30 880 020.
Written by: Jenny Peddle


31 August 2010 A wonderfully informative day!
What a wonderfully informative day they had in the company of their local specialist guide. Their walking tour focused on the Third Reich and they visited so many famous sights, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Marx and Engels monument, the Russian war memorial, the Reichstag, the Telecommunications Tower, the Topography of Terror Museum, Checkpoint Charlie and of course the Berlin Wall. Dinner tonight will be in the Berlin Hard Rock Cafe and they are all in for a real treat with an extended menu choice! No doubt the evening will abound with laughter and chatter as they all recall and share the many anecdotes over the past 13 days!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


1 September 2010 Homeward bound!
It is incredible how time flies and today marks their final day on tour! After breakfast they will pack their luggage onto the coach and then make their way to the Sachsenhausen Nazi concentration camp, where they will meet their specialist local guide for a very moving and sobering visit. At midday they will continue on to Tegel Airport, where they will bid fond farewell to their Casterbridge Tour Escort. At 15h45 they will board flight AF 2035 to Paris, Charles de Gaulle and although they have quite a long wait, I feel sure they will all enjoy browsing around the attractive duty-free shops! At 23h30 they will board flight AF 990 bound for SA and I am sure there is no need to remind you to welcome your beloved children at ORT @ 09h45 tomorrow morning. It has been my privilege and very real pleasure to orchestrate this 2nd History tour for Cornwall Hill College and I applaud both Vanessa du Toit & Paulette Preyser for their excellent chaperoning skills, which have been fundamental to the enormous success of the tour. As parents you have afforded your children an opportunity of a lifetime and whilst everyone will most certainly be exhausted & somewhat ‘jet lagged’ upon arrival and all the stories may not immediately be forthcoming, they will most certainly continue to reveal themselves in the days, months and years to come. Happy home-coming and best wishes!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


You are rendering a unique service to schools and children! I have just read your web-page information on our tour and was once again inspired by how committed you are to what you do.

Parent – St Peter's College


I loved the daily reports that you provided ~ thank you for a fantastic tour!

Parent – PBHS


Thank you so much for an amazing diary - it was always completely updated and I have loved reading it! It has been the highlight of my day going to your website and seeing what the girls have been up to!

Parent – Herschel


I would like to thank you for all that you did to make our Cultural Tour so memorable! Not having to worry about accommodation or tour arrangements because we knew that you had organized everything so skilfully meant that we chaperones could relax and enjoy what was on offer. I really admire your boundless energy and the superbly efficient way in which you took care of every little detail. We all had a fantastic time and thank you, we all had a wonderful trip!

Educator – Herschel School


Your daughter Michelle was a delightful co-chaperone and it was so special to travel with her and to see what a beautiful relationship you share. It inspired me to work even harder towards mine with my son, as I believe it takes a lot of love & hard work to create a special family.

Educator – St Peter's College