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9 April 2011 On y va!
Check in went as smoothly as possible, with a mixture of great excitement, a little trepidation and a few tears from some anxious mums! Please rest assured that your girls are in very good hands and a wonderful tour awaits them....more tomorrow!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


10 April 2011 Safe arrival!
Nous sommes en France! Flying on the state of the art A380 was really a wonderful experience, yet no one claimed to have slept more than 2 hours! Upon arrival in Paris, we changed terminals and then we had a few hours in transit before flying out to Nice. At midday we were warmly greeted by Jean Francois from Le Centre International d’Antibes and we made our way by coach to Le Chateau, where we freshened up and appreciated a delicious picnic lunch. Thereafter the girls enjoyed an orientation tour of the vieille ville in Antibes ~ it was such a relaxing afternoon and the weather was magnificent! At 5.30pm all returned to Le Chateau, where the girls were introduced to their host families ~ everyone seemed very happy and a good night's sleep is guaranteed.... PS: The chaperones have arranged for girls to take turns and write their impressions ~ herewith extra news on today from Romy Dasoo, Rose Buckland and Sarah Sabbagh ~ enjoy! "We arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport this morning at a fresh 6am and after almost 30 hours of travelling, this had clearly taken its toll on all 33 of us! Some of us were so exhausted that even the comfort of the tiled floor appealed to us (Sarah was a bit more comfortable thanks to the pillow and blanket she ‘borrowed’ from Air France)! But, once we had discovered the wonder that is ‘Paul’, a chain of delectable delicatessens and revived ourselves with some pains au chocolat and cafe au lait, we boarded the plane to Nice with a bit more vigour! Nous sommes arrivées à Nice! We made our way in buses to Avenue de Chateau where our school stood in front of us, draped in spring green creepers and with a glimpse of the Mediterrean Sea. As the clouds cleared away to reveal a French sun, we ate huge baguettes for lunch before having a glorious meander through le vieille ville with Jeff our animateur who informed us about l’histoire d’Antibes. W wandered around the cobbled streets, drooling on patisserie windows and still in awe of the fact that we’re all in France, TOGETHER , we returned to school and waited with some apprehension for our familles d’accueil! It is now 8 o’clock and we still can’t believe this evening light glowing through the sliding door on the balcony ~ the view from our apartment is absolutely breath-taking. It looks over hundreds of terracotta rooftops; and in the distance, the glistening ‘mer’, sparkles with such subtlety that you wouldn’t see it unless you were looking for it! We are just about to tuck into les hamburgers (very French!) and tomato, mozarella and basil salad… our mother was so excited to show us her jardin des herbes, a tiny little emerald window box on the balcony with a few sprigs of the greenest basil and the greenest mint you have ever seen!"
Written by: Jenny Peddle


11 April 2011 First day at school + excursion to Cannes!
Everyone had a wonderful sleep and all arrived bright-eyed at the school this morning, chatting excitedly about their host families! Thereafter they were divided into groups and followed their designated tutors for 3 hours of communicative French tuition. Lise accompanied by Jean Francois (the group’s animateur) drove to the airport at midday to meet the 5 late comers + her sister Nicola, who will assume the role as 3rd chaperone (the likeness is amazing!) The girls were delighted to be reunited with their friends at the school and after a delicious lunch all hoped on board the train to Cannes. Jean Francois guided all through the Rue Meynadier, a street which is renowned for its amazing bargains ~ where the girls showed great restraint! ~ and then they climbed up to Le Suquet, a landmark which affords a magnificent view over the yacht-lined bay & the Estérel Mountains. On return to the beachfront, they visited the Palais des Festivals and after a photo-shoot on the famous steps (sadly no red carpet at this time of year!), the girls were allowed ‘du temps libre’ - which equates to some serious shopping! A short time was spent looking at the designer boutiques along La Croisette, before swarming to well known brand stores such as Zara, Morgan, Galéries Lafayette etc. The more affordable shops on Rue Meynadier were of course revisited and then at 6.30pm, armed with parcels and packets, a happy band of Roedean girls returned to the station in Juan Les Pins, from where they walked to the venue for the combined soirée barbeque. What a wonderful, animated evening it was ~ plenty of food, with much laughter and social interaction! Please note that should you wish to contact Lise Gordon, her new French number is 00 33 6 47 03 90 07.
Written by: Jenny Peddle


12 April 2011 Excursion to Saint Paul de Vence
Once again everyone arrived at the school in high spirits, all looking forward to improving their spoken French with students of varying nationalities. I leave Rosalyn Morphet and Ashley Dewberry to tell you about their afternoon excursion! “After a delicious lunch we all clambered onto the coach with great excitement for the journey to Vence. The weather had cleared and it was lovely to see the sun shining on the hills and valleys as the coach made its way out of Antibes and up to Vence. Jean Francois gave us a wonderful explanation of the Chapelle du Rosaire, saying that Matisse built it to thank the Dominican sister who looked after him until death. The chapel is beautiful in its simplicity and we were all greatly moved. We then made our way to Saint Paul de Vence, a fortified town on a hill top, surrounded by mountains ~ it is most famous for being a home for Marc Chagall who is also buried in the communal grave yard. The views from this magnificent perched village were extraordinary and the spring flowers so beautiful. We were all so intrigued by this quaint village, with its winding narrow streets and after a group photo we had ‘du temps libre” meaning some time to shop! Nutella crêpes were the favourite among everyone this afternoon, even the over-friendly Spanish boys didn't match up to the food! We sang on the way home and all agreed that it was a wonderful excursion”.
Written by: Jenny Peddle


13 April 2011 A full day of French tuition!
All arrived in high spirits once again, even knowing that 6 hours of French tuition awaited them! The focus of the afternoon workshops lay firmly on ‘jeux de role’ & oral conversation and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the experience. Suffice to say, the girls thereafter felt a desperate need for some ‘retail therapy’ and all were delighted to see that the shops stay open until 7pm in France!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


14 April 2011 A wonderful excursion to Monaco!
The girls were really looking forward to today’s excursion to Monaco and no one returned disappointed! After lunch all hopped on board their coach and traveled along the spectacular ‘route du littoral’, the coastal road which extends from the palm-tree lined Promenade des Anglais through to Villefranche and Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Everyone was astounded by the breathtaking views and the girls were delighted when the driver stopped en route to allow them to have some magnificent photo-shoots. Upon arrival in Monaco, all were struck by the obvious wealth & pristine cleanliness of this principality and not one Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari or Bentley went unnoticed by our discerning young ladies! Their first visit was to the world renowned Oceanographic Museum, which has an impressive façade, towering over the sheer cliff face and it features a remarkable presentation of Mediterranean & tropical marine ecosystems. They then visited the Cathedral, which is the burial place of Prince Rainier & Princess Grace and it is here that Prince Albert will marry our very own South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock in July this year. Unfortunately the Grimaldi Palace was surrounded by scaffolding as it is undergoing a major face lift for the forthcoming wedding, but this did not deter from the magnificent views afforded from Le Rocher. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ride on the ‘petit train’, which is a great tourist attraction, since it gives excellent commentary on the history of the Principality as it weaves through parts of the F1 race track and stops for passengers to take photos in front of the famous Monte Carlo Casino. After some brief souvenir shopping, everyone climbed onto the coach, all unanimously agreeing that today’s excursion had been exceptional! PS: This entry has just been received from Shannon Kearney ~ merci! “This morning my class ventured into the town centre of Antibes and the Marche Provencal with its profusion of fresh produce . We were sent to town armed with a list of questions we had to ask the locals about the history and cuisine of the town. After a delicious lunch we boarded our bus for the Principality of Monaco. The entire coach was silenced by the magnificent views of Nice and Eze as we ascended the narrow corniche. Never have I seen a sight as beautiful as the azure waters of the Mediterranean. The police of Monaco were dressed like wooden toy soldiers and every where I looked I saw a sports car winding through the pristine streets. We visited the Oceanography Museum and admired the exotic fish: sharks, seahorses and jellyfish darted and ducked behind rocks in their tanks. After a brief visit to the gift shop we wandered our way through the Botanical Gardens and the Cathedral where Princess Grace and Rainier are buried; and where Prince Albert will marry Charlene in July. It began to rain as we got on the Petit Train but nevertheless we enjoyed seeing the Casino, the Formula1 circuit , the spring tulips and the displays of wealth; and the Queen Mary 2 was docked just out of the harbour! We returned home rather late - tired but happy after an unforgettable afternoon”.
Written by: Jenny Peddle


15 April 2011 A free afternoon to explore Antibes!
The week in Antibes has simply flown by and today marked the end of their formal French tuition at Le Centre International d'Antibes. All were proud recipients of a DELF accredited certificate which attests to the level attained + a comment from their teachers ~ once again the educators expressed their delight with our South African students and praised their positive & enthusiastic approach to the lessons. Everyone was so excited to have a free afternoon to explore the wonderful town of Antibes and no doubt I will receive an update from some of the girls tomorrow, which I will then load on this page…
Written by: Jenny Peddle


16 April 2011 A day excursion to Nice!
With all that Nice has to offer, everyone was delighted to have an entire day dedicated to exploring this magical city. The chaperones report that all had a wonderful day and herewith an entry from Lara Tenderini: “Being Saturday, we got a bit of a sleep in – chic alors! We then met at the train station at 10 am and travelledto Nice. We started off with walking around and discovering the history of this cosmopolitan city through Jean Francois’ explanations. The walk along La Promenade des Anglais really blew us away with its endless blanket of shimmering blue sea. Our host families packed us a little picnic, which we ate with ice-creams. We went to a modern art museum and were then free to roam around and “faire du shopping” at the brand name boutiques along the Boulevard Jean Medecin. Our conclusion on this vibrant city = Nice is very nice! This week has been filled with knowledge, laughs and memories. Antibes is a beautiful place where we now have to bid a fond farewell to our loved host families. Au revoir to the Cote d’Azur.”
Written by: Jenny Peddle


17 April 2011 Bienvenue a Paris!
With an early morning departure and a fond farewell to new found friends & host parents, 36 Roedean girls hopped on board the coach and made their way to the airport in Nice, eager to commence the second leg of their adventure in France. At midday a coach transferred the group from Orly to the premises of Accord, Ecole des Langues, where the girls were efficiently whisked off to host families in shiny private taxis! Later on the group re-connected and apparently the majority were ‘over the moon’ about their host families who warmly welcomed them into their homes for the next 7 nights. After a visit to the magnificent Cathedral of Notre Dame, they all explored the Quartier Latin as well as the Jardin du Luxembourg, where tulips were in full bloom. Around 6.00pm, everyone returned ‘home’ for dinner and I have no doubt that all will sleep well tonight…
Written by: Jenny Peddle


18 April 2011 Our first day at Accord, Ecole des Langues!
A lovely entry from Lucy Robson & Ally Chalwin-Milton: "Today we attended our first day of school in Paris. We wrote a test in the morning which assessed our oral and written skills and we were then divided into various groups depending on our competency. The school is very central and is situated in a beautiful area in the 9th arondissement. The learning equipment is modern and our teachers were all very enthusiastic and helpful. The school should prove to be very beneficial and we are all extremely excited! In the afternoon, we visited some famous Parisian monuments, such as l´Obelesque on the Place de la Concorde and the majestic ‘Arc de Triomphe´ on the Champs Elysées. It was truly amazing to witness a place which had endured a turbulent history of revolutions and siege and we were unanimously in awe of the flamboyant architecture. At the end of the day, we were at leisure to window shop along the Champs-Elysées before catching the Metro to have dinner with our host families. We had a splendid day, and as the French teenagers would say, ‘c’etait vraiment chouette!’ We cannot wait for the adventures which Paris has in store for us this week …!"
Written by: Jenny Peddle


19 April 2011 Eiffel Tower + cruise on the River Seine!
I am leaving France with my Independent group this evening, so will be out of contact until tomorrow. I met with the 3 chaperones at Accord this morning and it was lovely to see everyone again ~ your girls have bright smiles and all seem to be having a wonderful time. This afternoon they are visiting the Eiffel Tower and having a cruise on the river Seine ~ the weather is sunny and with not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind, they are guaranteed to have amazing views over this magical city!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


20 April 2011 Musée d'Orsay + Les Invalides
I arrived back in Cape Town this afternoon after a wonderful tour with my Independent Group and I wish the Roedean girls ‘bonne continuation’ with their tour! Herewith a report received with thanks from Mary Kennedy and Emma Cooper: “We spent the morning at the language school in our various classes ~ school has proven to be quite rigorous but the girls are really benefiting from the tuition! We grabbed a quick lunch and then took the metro to the Musée d'Orsay where we had to enter as individuals as at this Easter time of year a group booking is impossible. The long wait in the line in the blazing sun was well worth it and when we entered the museum we were able to behold the works of some of history's greatest artists. We were blown away by the architecture ~ the former railway station is an artwork in itself. For many of the girls it was the first time they had been exposed to such great works and the variety of different art allowed everyone to take something different from the experience. The magnificent Impressionists were a favourite as usual, and Degas' ‘ballet dancers’ and Monet's ‘coquelicots’ were greatly admired. After spending two and a half hours at the museum we mustered the energy to walk to the imposing ‘Invalides’, where we were able to see Napoleon's famous tomb and learn a little bit more about France's history, thanks to our knowledgeable teachers! The architecture and sheer grandeur of the tomb were breath-taking, although there was a definite eerie feeling in the church…. We have been so lucky with the hot weather here which will hopefully continue…a bientot!”
Written by: Jenny Peddle


21 April 2011 Our Adventurous Trip to Versailles!
Merci beaucoup a Emma Kunz et Laurie Harrison pour cette 'petite' histoire! "Bonjour de Paris! Today was one of those days that only few could possibly experience and ironically not because we walked through a palace regarded as one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th century art…. The morning started like any other with our very well known trip by Metro to school where we once again completed an astonishing 4 hours of pure French class. We all met outside our school building with packed lunches which some girls had bought from the super market or baguettes from a small bakery, some eve made a quick dash to Mc Donald's after leaving class a little early. There after the true adventure began...In order to get to Versailles we had to catch the RER- basically a train. Once on the trai, we ate our lunches, admired the view of the Eiffel Tower and even the Parisian Statue of Liberty. Some Matrics even had a picnic to celebrate Koko's 18 birthday! When suddenly Laura - the lady organising all our afternoon excursions for us- realised that we had taken the wrong train and were going n the complete wrong direction! We quickly changed trains to correct our mistake but, in our hurry, the group ended up in 2 different carriages. Mme Gordon decided it would be more practical to change into the same carriage quickly at a station. The group ran, jumped on the train and, low and behold, some girls didn't make it in on time and left Mme Gordon attempting to hold open the doors and then pounding on the glass! Luckily the group still travelling on the train could call the others and got off at the next stop to wait for the next train containing the group that had been left behind. As the train came we all waited in keen anticipation to see if the girls were there. Suddenly we saw 10 smiling Roedeanians waving as the train came past. All of us applauded their arrival….! Finally we were able to board the correct train and make our way to the magnificent castle of Versailles and the adventurous journey was certainly worth it! Can you believe that French royalty walked those same paths and live amongst such incredible art, gold edgings and the most fantastic gardens. 2 hours to make our way through the palace and astonishing gardens could never be enough. Just to sit, like Marie-Antoinette once did, in the gardens and enjoy the view, was a lovely experience. On our way back to our various Parisian homes many tired faces planned nights out in the city of love whether it be a birthday celebration or a night out to the theatre. Although most were mainly excited for another delicious French meal which always includes the most decadent desert! To think that today was one day out of 21 and certainly one adventure out of many previous ones and even more to come. Hello to all our family and loved ones ~ Afrique du Sud nous manque!"
Written by: Jenny Peddle


22 April 2011 Last day of school + Musée du Louvre!
Herewith a lovely entry from Romana Katrakilis and Sheila Lubega: "Today was our last day of school (which we were all secretly happy about as school on Good Friday is just not ... good!) After receiving our certificates and saying our goodbyes to our professeurs, we took the metro to the Louvre where we got to see all the beautiful artworks by painters such as Ingress and David. We worked our way through all the Romantics and Neo-Classicts and even got to see the famous Venus de Milo and last, but certainly not least we walked across to the main attraction, the Mona Lisa (La Jaconde) that had been displayed behind a wall (literally the thickness of a wall!) of glass. The look of awe on everyone's faces as they finally got to see the world famous spectacle was priceless. Our tour guide was amazing and one could see that she was extremely passionate about her job and that she really knew what she was talking about. For all the art girls on this tour it was absolutely amazing to see many of the artworks that we had been studying from a Promethean Board over the years, now standing right before us. Tonight we are going to see a French firm, La Fille de Puisatier ~ I doubt it can top seeing the Mona Lisa!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


23 April 2011 Final day in Paris!
Whilst awaiting news for today, please read the recently received entertaining account from Emma Kunz and Laurie Harrison re their visit on Thursday 21 April...!
Written by: Jenny Peddle


24 April 2011 Farewell to Paris!
Joyeuses Pâques! This morning private taxis collected the girls from their host families and everyone gathered in front of Accord at 9.30am to commence their 3rd and final phase of their tour. It was a beautiful spring day for the journey by coach to Caen and all used this time to relax and recharge batteries. At 2.00pm they met with their guide at the Peace Museum and the girls were visibly moved by this experience, which set the scene for tomorrow's tour of the D Day Landing beaches. The hotel is apparently very comfortable and should you wish to contact your daughters, they are staying in the Kyriad Caen Centre ~ Tel: + 33 2 31 86 55 33 and Fax + 33 2 31 79 89 44.
Written by: Jenny Peddle


25 April 2011 Tour of D Day landing beaches...
Everyone woke up refreshed after a good night’s sleep and all were looking forward to their excursion to Normandy ~ an entire day devoted to a tour of the D Day Landing Beaches. Accompanied by their guide, they first had a brief tour of Caen and all were stunned by the destruction and subsequent reconstruction of this town. This day vividly brought to life the momentous events of June 1944, when the Allied Invasion proved to be the turning point of World War II and it was an emotional experience for the girls as they relived the feelings and emotions of the soldiers in the first hours of that morning ~ a sobering day, with much reflection and introspection. … PS: I have just received this update form Rose Buckland ~ merci! “Today was a really moving experience - standing on the sand that was once filled with soldiers fighting for their countries. We also visited two of the most incredible cemeteries- one for the American Army ~ a peaceful sea of white marble crosses and stars, all perfectly placed in the neatest rows of nearly ten thousand graves. And then to the German one - were there were over 20 thousand graves of soldiers who died in Normandy. It was really interesting and ironic, we thought, that the tomb stones were made of black stone. On top of the Pointe du Hoc (a German battery vantage point), we looked out to the vast foggy water, where you can't tell the different between blue sky and blue sea. The ground around us was scarred with huge craters from the Allies' bomb upon landing. We all got back to hotel exhausted but at the same time in awe and with greater respect and deeper empathy for the events that took place on the beautiful shores all those years ago. We ate a delicious dinner at a local restaurant to fill up for another busy bus day tomorrow!”
Written by: Jenny Peddle


26 April 2011 Onward to Saint Malo!
Today all traveled by coach to Le Mont Saint-Michel, a fortified island which dates back to 708. The girls were amazed by its incredible history and architecture, not to mention being celebrated for having the biggest tides in the world. They enjoyed meandering through the narrow streets of this medieval town, admiring the dramatic views, before visiting the Benedictine Abbey. Thereafter they continued to the seaside resort of St Malo, where all were delighted to find that their hotel is situated right on the beach! They had some time to explore the fascinating ancient walled city, walking along the ramparts, but I’m not sure anyone braved a swim in the chilly Atlantic waters before dinner! Should you wish to contact your daughters, herewith the contact details: 2* Kyriad Saint Malo Plage, Tel: 00 33 2 99 56 09 26 Fax: 00 33 2 99 56 41 65
Written by: Jenny Peddle


27 April 2011 Onward to the Loire Valley!
This morning all hopped on board their coach and travelled towards the magnificent Loire Valley. At lunchtime the group arrived at the small village of Bréhémont, which is known as the ‘garden of France’ and for centuries it has been considered a princely playground. Here they enjoyed a relaxing lunch before meeting with their professional guide, donning riding helmets and setting off to ‘faire du vélo’ along the beautiful banks of the Loire River ~ I look forward to receiving an animated account from the girls later today! In the early evening they arrived in Blois, a charming town which is renowned for its quiet dignity ~ a reminder that the group is staying at the Hotel de France et de Guise and the contact details are: Telephone 00 33 2 54 78 00 53 and Fax 00 33 2 54 78 29 45. 22h00 ...herewith an update from Sarah Sabbagh and Lusanda Mlilo ~ merci! "The day started with an early breakfast consisting of croissants, pain au chocolat, cereals, fruit salad, yoghurt, juices, tea/coffee/hot chocolate, and most importantly for most, Nutella! After breakfast we rolled ourselves and our suitcases back onto the coach for a 6 hour journey, or sleep for most, to Blois. On the way, we stopped off in the Loire valley for a casual 17 km bike ride through the fields and past hemp factories, Sleeping Beauty's castle and the boundless river. During this Tour de France, we became experts at dodging the little dandelion chicken feathers that floated in the air, EVERYWHERE. When we finally arrived in the city of Blois, we dragged our bags to the hotel (not a good idea after 2 hours of sleep), we did a quick 45 minutes of retail therapy, snuck in our weekly shower and sat down to a 3 course dinner which included duck or tofu for the vegetarians. Now we are ready to catch up on necessary sleep and mentally prepare ourselves for our last full day in France".
Written by: Jenny Peddle


28 April 2011 Châteaux de Chenonceau et Chambord
Everyone is delighted with the hotel ~ it is really comfortable, the hosts very accommodating and the food is apparently delicious! After breakfast all travelled through beautiful countryside to 2 of the most beautiful châteaux in the Loire Valley ~ Chenonceau, a splendid jewel of the French renaissance and Chambord, the largest of the region. Hopefully we will have an update from the girls a bit later ....
Written by: Jenny Peddle


29 April 2011 Farewell to France!
Today marks their final full day in France and the girls unanimously agree that the comprehensive 3 week tour has been amazing! After a good breakfast and cases loaded onto the coach, the group continued to Chartres, where they visited the beautiful cathedral, famous for its unrivalled & impressive collection of stained glass windows. Onward then to Roissy Charles de Gaulle, where the girls are looking forward to a few hours in the duty free shops, before departing Paris on AF 990, the magnificent A380, @ 23h20. There is no need I am sure to remind you that your daughters are scheduled to arrive ORT @ 09h50 on Saturday 30 April and whilst everyone is really looking forward to returning to South Africa to see family and friends, all will be left with a sense of sadness at having to say farewell to people they have grown so accustomed to seeing on a daily basis. After such a long tour, the girls are bound to be exhausted and the many wonderful anecdotes may not be immediately forthcoming ~ they will however reveal themselves in the days, months and years to come! To act ‘in loco parentis’ for 3 weeks is no mean task and I sincerely hope that the love and care of the 3 chaperones will not have gone unnoticed. Mrs Lise Gordon, her sister Mrs Nicola Low and Mrs Marianne Scholtz formed the most formidable team, going far beyond the call of duty to ensure that your girls were well cared for, happy and safe. I admire & applaud their calm perspecitve, sense of humour and professionalism ~ they have been a pleasure to work with and their dedication, energy and enthusiasm have been inspirational. As parents, you have certainly afforded your children the most wonderful opportunity and I have no doubt that each and every child will return not only academically enriched, but enriched as a person, having matured and grown in confidence. It has been a joy and privilege to be associated once again with Roedean School and it remains for me to say ‘merci beaucoup, bon retour et à la prochaine!
Written by: Jenny Peddle



You are rendering a unique service to schools and children! I have just read your web-page information on our tour and was once again inspired by how committed you are to what you do.

Parent – St Peter's College


I loved the daily reports that you provided ~ thank you for a fantastic tour!

Parent – PBHS


Thank you so much for an amazing diary - it was always completely updated and I have loved reading it! It has been the highlight of my day going to your website and seeing what the girls have been up to!

Parent – Herschel


I would like to thank you for all that you did to make our Cultural Tour so memorable! Not having to worry about accommodation or tour arrangements because we knew that you had organized everything so skilfully meant that we chaperones could relax and enjoy what was on offer. I really admire your boundless energy and the superbly efficient way in which you took care of every little detail. We all had a fantastic time and thank you, we all had a wonderful trip!

Educator – Herschel School


Your daughter Michelle was a delightful co-chaperone and it was so special to travel with her and to see what a beautiful relationship you share. It inspired me to work even harder towards mine with my son, as I believe it takes a lot of love & hard work to create a special family.

Educator – St Peter's College