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cutural tourCULTURAL TOURS

Personal Touch Schooltours has subsequently spread its wings and whilst the majority of my tours still involve a language school component, a growing number are purely cultural. Whatever the focus of the tour, be it Art, History, Literary or Cultural, I personally walk alongside the initiator, donning the cap of the school in question and steering the process forwards.

As a tour co-ordinator I work alongside the member of staff who initiates the tour, offering advice from an educational perspective and managing every aspect of the organization. As a comparative market researcher I put the tailor-made itinerary 'out to tender' and by 'mixing and matching' the quotations from various service providers, parents can ultimately be assured of the best value for money. With no allegiance to any one particular Tour Operator, my judgment is completely objective & impartial, with my loyalty undoubtedly lying with the school in question.

Whilst most teachers are subject enthusiasts and would welcome the opportunity to extend the boundaries of their classrooms, the majority are overworked and the added stress of initiating & promoting in all likelihood lacks appeal. Yet, should you wish to initiate a dedicated cultural tour, simply contact me and together we'll follow the process outlined in the Let's Travel section. Bon voyage!


To whet your appetite, take a look at 3 exciting & academically enriching past tours!





Jenny, I am incredibly impressed by your professionalism and thank you for the interest & care you have taken in our daughters. Parent - St Andrews School for Girls

The photos were testimony to the great time everyone had. Thank you so much for putting such a fantastic tour together for the our girls! Parent – Herschel

It was an amazing experience and was worth every cent. Many thanks for all the efficient organization ~ it was the best tour ever! Parent - St Andrew´s School for Girls

Thank you so much for your professional management of the whole tour and I really want to thank you for making this dream of ours come true! Parent - Grace College

Jemma hasn't stopped talking about the wonderful experience and I can't thank you enough for this incredible, life-changing trip. Parent - St Cyprian´s

Tamryn arrived back with so much enthusiasm! I cannot thank you enough for organising the most amazing overseas trip for the pupils of Maris Stella. Parent - Maris Stella

This was a my dream for such a long time and you worked so hard to turn it into reality. Sincere thanks for all your trouble ~ the tour was outstanding in its content. Educator – PBHS