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I have always been passionate about France & the French language, but recognized the fact that many of our South African students lacked the confidence & opportunity to actually parler français! In September 2002 I visited France with the express purpose of finding a solution to this problem and I tirelessly researched schools which were dedicated to teaching French as a foreign language.

I was delighted to discover 2 outstanding establishments which met my criteria and I have since been associated with Accord, Ecole de Langues in Paris and their partner school, Le Centre International d’Antibes in the South of France ~ both internationally acclaimed institutions which focus on the communicative approach. The results speak for themselves and having referred over 5000 students, I can personally vouch for their integrity, professionalism and genuine desire to make the students’ stay productive and stimulating.

The students are exposed to 15 hours of intensive French tuition per week and they have an exceptional opportunity to improve their communicative language skills with like-minded students from various other countries. The students are required to complete a written & oral assessment, after which they are grouped with others of the same ability. All the educators are university graduates and all are well experienced to teach French as a foreign language. They are adept at creating a climate of confidence and with a guaranteed maximum of 15 students per multinational class, everyone is able to progress at his/her own speed in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

In terms of accommodation students are offered the choice of staying in pairs with hand-picked ‘familles d’accueil’ or in a residence at Campus Horticole during the summer holidays in Europe. Whatever their choice, students are assured of personal attention + 3 meals a day + a total immersion into the French culture & ‘la vie quotidienne’!


Should you wish to initiate a language tour to France and are in the fortunate position of having sufficient number of students from your school, simply contact me and together we’ll create an exciting and academically enriching programme to France, following the process outlined in the Let's Travel section. Allons-y!


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If you are passionate about the French language, but have insufficient students from your school, don’t be discouraged, il y a une solution! Personal Touch Schooltours offers 4 ‘independent/set’ tours per year and should you as the educator contribute 10 students from your school, then you warrant a free trip to France as a chaperone! Allons-y!

These 4 tours run during the school holidays, with 2 offered in April (home-stay) + 1 in July & 1 August (Campus Horticole).


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A great big thank you Jenny, my average for my 2011 Matric class was 79%, with almost all of those girls having been to France with us over the years! Educator – Kindsmead College

HI Jenny, I thought I would fill you in on the good news! Our trip to France really paid off and for the end of year exams I came 1st in class and Chevera came 3rd! We have both seen such a great impr...

Bonjour Madame et merci beaucoup! I just wanted to thank you once again for all the extra time and effort which you put into our trip, it was awesome and really appreciated by everyone. Pupil - St An...

Thank you so much, my daughter has grown in confidence and is convinced that her French has really benefitted. Parent - Kingswood College

We have been truly privileged to have had such an amazing experience and I personally wanted to thank you for all the time & effort that you put into the French Tour. Pupil - St John's College

Thank you Jenny, my daughter is desperate to go again next year! Parent - Kingsmead College

Bonjour Madame! I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful trip - I can honestly say that it was without a doubt the best time of my life. Pupil - St Stithians Girls College

Congratulations to you, Jenny! Marina loved the tour and believes she has seen a good improvement in her French. Parent - Dainfern College

I've seen such improved confidence in our girls. Thanks for everything, both Rose and I agree that it was by far the best trip we've ever chaperoned! Educator - St Andrew´s School for Girls

Thanking you sincerely from us all! Jeremy had a great time and his teacher confirmed that he had climbed a notch or three in his French class upon his return. Parent - St John´s College