french language tour

Chaperone a Tour

Most teachers are subject enthusiasts and would welcome the opportunity to extend the boundaries of their classrooms. Let me introduce you to our global village, at no cost to you or the school. I am guided by the following principles when organizing a tour:

1. Itinerary must be relevant

Once you have an idea of your itinerary, I will act as a co-ordinator,and together we will tailor make the ideal subject related itinerary.

2. Cost must be affordable

Once we have created a relevant itinerary, as a comparative market researcher, I will put the itinerary out to tender and "mix and match" flight and land arrangements to give you the most affordable package.

3. Numbers must be viable

Tours are generally costed on 20 students + 2 chaperones (ie 1 chaperone travels for free with every 10 students). If you do not have enough participants from your school, contact me anyway and we can always try to combine with another school.

Jenny’s Function

As a tour co-ordinator and facilitator, I work alongside you, the teacher and customise each special interest tour. Whilst most teachers are subject enthusiasts, the majority are overworked and many lack the confidence to orchestrate a school tour on their own. I will assist you with ideas, give advice from an educational perspective and boost your confidence and energy levels to chaperone a tour!

As a comparative market researcher, I promote open competition amongst the various Tour Operators. Many teachers have little experience with tour organisation and are tempted to simply select the most persuasive Tour Operator. One quotation clearly does not guarantee that the parents have been afforded the best possible value for money. By “mixing and matching” the land and ground arrangements, it is incredible what savings can be made, without compromising on standards.

The Personal Touch Formula

Realistically, whilst an educator might well be encouraged to organise an overseas tour, the added stress of initiating and promoting one is not appealing. The mere thought of having to approach several Tour Operators in order to obtain valid comparisons is exhausting! In a bid to keep cultural and linguistic tours alive and affordable, I offer the following service free of charge to schools.

1. As an educator and tour co-ordinator, I communicate directly with the teacher involved in the organisation of a tour, assisting him / her to formulate a clear vision of what is required.

2. I then give advice and make suggestions, thereby tailor-making the itinerary and ensuring that the tour is fully customised to meet the needs of  both teachers and pupils.

3. Thereafter, in my capacity as a comparative market researcher, I approach a pool of reliable, accredited and reputable Tour Operators and request from each a quotation.

4. Upon receipt of these quotations, I present the options to the school with my recommendations and together we make an educated decision on which Operator to use.  Remember! I am not employed by, nor have any allegiance to, one particular Tour Operator. My evaluation is thus completely impartial, objective and honest.

5. I then continue to act as liaison between the school and the designated Tour Operator, assuring the former of my personal attention at all times.

6. Furthermore, I assist with the promotion of the tour to the parents and pupils.


A Win / Win Situation

Everybody wins if you choose Personal Touch Schooltours to organise your tour.

1. The teacher / tour leader involved is relieved of the stressful and tedious ground work.

2. The school has enjoyed a personal service free of charge.

3. The Principal is assured that his clients’ money has been wisely invested.

4. The parents can rest assured that they are getting the best possible value for money.

5. The pupils have the privilege of an enriching overseas tour!

6. I am totally involved in the tour and liaise actively with the educators, parents and pupils!


Thank you Jenny for everything you do for our teenage children! My mum is also a teacher (Grade 1 & 2) and I just see the love, care & dedication that you have and it reminds me of her! Parent - Roedean

Many thanks for organizing a fabulous French Tour! Not only has Renatae benefited from the language classes, but I can also see a change in her after she arrived back. She has more confidence and matured greatly. It was a wonderful experience & was worth every cent and I would be happy to speak to anyone who may be interested and Ren would also be happy to show photographs & chat. Parent – St And...

This tour was an unforgettable experience for the chaperones and girls. It will long be recalled with great pleasure and we are all so grateful for a truly amazing opportunity! St Stithians Girls' College

What a fantastic trip and we have been truly privileged to have had such an amazing & enriching experience. The memories made during the tour will last forever ~ I hope that this is not goodbye and that we will be in touch in the future. Merci beaucoup Madame et au revoir... Pupil – St John's College

Sincere thanks to you Jenny for your superb organization and for creating memories that will last a lifetime. I know that many young people will enjoy your 100% awesome organized tours for years to come! Parent – Kingswood College

I would like to thank you again for your contribution to one of the most memorable experiences of my life! I was so impressed by how you managed to ensure that everything was taken care of so meticulously and that not a moment was lost in waiting for tickets, etc. It was truly remarkable! Educator – PHSG

What a fantastic tour and thank you for the extremely professional, enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging manner in which you organized everything. You are a uniquely special person and I hope you will receive many accolades, which you so richly deserve and may you go from strength to strength! Parent – PBHS

It has been a privilege chaperoning a tour with someone like you! You are so full of energy & enthusiasm and your love & compassion for the children was always evident. I believe the other teachers who choose to do their own tours would be envious if they knew how much more joy and how much less stress they would impose upon themselves if they chose to tour with Personal Touch Schooltours instead!...

The Herschel Cultural Tour was arranged by Mrs Jenny Peddle of Personal Touch School Tours and she was actively involved throughout, keeping in regular contact with parents & chaperones. The service she provided was invaluable and it is recommended that she is used in the planning of future tours. This tour was an unforgettable experience and it will long be recalled with great pleasure. Deputy H...